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The house you may have seen being built if you are a member of my Facebook Building in Thailand group. Broad overhangs and outside living area. Speaking of a clean site, the blocks and pallet are only there as steps through mud after rain.

The only builder I use and recommend is finishing up a job for me, has one small Thai job and is then free for other projects, so I thought I would make him known to the group. Noy is based 80 km south-west of Udon Thani, but will travel with a team if required. The reasons I recommend Noy are as follows:

  1. Noy had recently completed two farang cool house builds, to the standards recommended in my eBook, and has two satisfied clients as a result.

  2. Noy is one of the few builders I have seen that acts more in a supervisory role, rather than getting distracted by doing manual work himself. This means he watches workers and corrects any standards he's not happy with, controls measurements and levels and keeps on top of ordering materials.

  3. If you have a labour only contract, which is what I recommend, then Noy is happy to go with you to help with selection and ordering. He passes on any builder discounts he receives, which is not about the money saved, but a statement of his honesty and work ethic.

  4. He and his team work seven days a week, which isn't unusual. What is, is that a clock is one of the first things to appear on-site, and they start promptly at 8:00, have one hour for lunch at 12:00 and work through generally until 17:00. No drinking after work unless you offer.

  5. Noy maintains a spotless building site, one of the best I have seen. Everything is stored neatly, and people tidy up after themselves.

  6. Noy has most of the equipment needed for the build. His own cement mixer, which is unusual, and electric and construction tools. What he doesn't have like framework for footings is hired, rather than throwing together bits of timber to do the job in a rough way.

  7. Larger qualities of cement is mostly ordered in premixed, rather than made on-site, speeding up the process and improving quality.

  8. Noy is the easiest guy to deal with. Changes are taken in stride, and he is very keen to make sure you are happy as a picky farang client.

  9. You will achieve a quality result using Noy, in a less-stressful way than with many other builders.

  10. On the downside Noy only speaks Thai/Lao (Isaan) so you will need a translator, but that applies in most construction here.

This is more how the site is maintained everyday.

A larger house completed recently for another local friend, also covered by me in the group.

Noy did a roof extension for me and is today tiling the area you see here. This is at the end of the day, and he is getting his guys to wipe down my existing tiles. Now that's something you don't see often in any country.

Me, Noy and my wife Gaun at the house blessing for the last house Noy built.

I get no kickback for recommending Noy. I wouldn't make this recommendation if I didn't think he couldn't deliver based on what I have written. If you are after a solid builder, who is used to dealing with us difficult expats, then do give Noy a call and see if he can help you with your project 0862 409 339.

Thanks for reading.


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