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A Garden Project

First published 25 March 2022

The project to remove the large bougainvillea on the eastern side of the house and replace it with extended eaves has started.

We met with the builder this morning and agreed a price for the eaves, so today was the beginning of work to cut down the bougainvillea and clean up the area underneath. I was doing the underneath bit, while Gaun did her acrobatic thing on top of the pergola hacking away at bougainvillea.

For those that missed my previous post on this topic, we are removing that bougainvillea..........

..............and extending this sloping eave the whole length of the eastern side of the house, an additional 16 metres.

As always with a building project, you take a perfectly good area and make a mess.

Gaun battles the bougainvillea. Seven years of growth, so lots of it.

Halfway by late this afternoon.

Remarkable eneregy from a lady who is up at 4:00 every morning.

Stage two tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. You will find lots of Thai gardening stories on my Facebook group



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