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A Helping Hand from America

First published 26 February 2022

I am thinking the soil is partly to fill in the space in-between the footings so that the slab can be poured at some stage.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a story in my Building in Thailand Facebook group, about a guy building a very simple structure in our village in my Building in Thailand group, and used it to compare the ability of people to get on the property ladder here compared to western countries. After I published that post, I had Ken, an American member, write to be and say that he wanted to make a contribution to this build, which was amazingly kind.

It took a while to organise, but today I was able to hand over 6,000 baht, that will help towards some aspect of this very low budget build. I thought I would replicate the message I sent to Ken, which gives some context to my original post. Thank you Ken.

Contributions to the build. Second hand materials. All very neatly stacked, which I like. Shows care being taken.

Four bedrooms and four bathrooms it ain't, but will provide shelter and a place you can close the door and say is home.

My wife chatting to the guy. In typical Thai fashion, I still don't know his name. I will ask next time.

Handing over the money with my brother-in-law Lud on the right.

More second hand materials.

And more.

The work office under a lichee tree.

All done. Great work Ken.

If you are thinking of building in Thailand, the best advice I can give is to buy my eBook and join my Facebook group HERE.

Thanks for reading.



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