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A House Update

First published 25 March 2022

Another update on a house I am following being built for friends of ours outside the small town of Si Bun Rueang, in Nong Bua Lamphu province, northern Isaan. It seems to coming together very well, and the overall quality is pleasing.

The builder Noy, who I recommend without any kickbacks, will be available to start a new construction in the next couple of months, depending on the extra jobs Chris has for him, so if you are in the area (he will travel) you can message me for details.

28 January 2022

2nd March.


28 January.

2 March.


Outside tiling partly down. Noy employs this lady not just to help out with light building work, but to sweep and clean the site, something that you won't see happen too often.

The rains over the last couple of months has resulted in a green landscape, where usually it is dead dry brown now.

Two bedrooms, one at either end, and a bathroom in the middle, which will service a swimming pool once that has been constructed.

The front with a seating area facing northeast on the corner.

This is where the swimming pool will be located. It has started filling already 555.

Lowline and colours that make it blend into the landscape.

For those interested in how a quality retaining wall is built I posted a full coverage of this one being constructed by Noy in my Facebook Group Building in Thailand HERE. Search #walls in the topics. Impressive.

I have always pointed out the neatness of this site. The mess this time is because they are moving their construction site camp to make room for a carport Chris has decided Noy will build. Two workers were cleaning up as we enjoyed a beer or three yesterday.

Everything packed up. You will notice the clock, that is the first thing that appears on Noy's building sites. Start at 8:00, lunch 12:00-13:00 and finish at 17:00. If you look carefully you will see hints of how this site is organised. Everything in its place.

The crew's kitchen. So Thai. They could cook a meal for twenty people in that.

Good quality insulation to go on top of the ceiling. Yellow conduit for electric wiring. I would have put both in earlier, but it's a fixed price contract, so not Chris's problem.

Bathroom tiling well under way.

The supervisor.

Thanks for reading.



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