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A Local Flower Farm:

First published 22 February 2022

The Valentine's Day flowers that were the incentive for today's visit.

Gaun bought some flowers from a local farm for our Valentine's Day party (also our wedding anniversary) and I thought they were so nice (and cheap), we dropped in to replace them this afternoon.

A family business. They basically sell at the local daytime markets in Si Bun Rueang, but you can call in after work and order flowers, which they will cut and give you.

Not a huge range. Flowers here are usually sold in 10 baht bunches, which people buy to give to spirit shrines. They aren't for display. People don't have that 'show' in a domestic sense as part of their make-up.

Lights at night to encourage growth. These rows have been harvested already.

Gaun and flowers. In her element.

For those of you who also follow my Farming in Isaan group, this lady's name is Yuan, the same as Gaun's younger sister.

Late evening sunshine,. After a week of cloudy and rainy conditions, this was lovely to see.

Packing up some of our flowers. They were just about harvested out, waiting for the next blooming.

Puppy friends.

And one of the bunches on display in our home this evening.

And another.

The third bunch. 200 baht for all of these, although I paid a bit more in thanks.

Located on the north side of Si Bun Rueang. GPS 16.986424, 102.293248

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