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A Nice Temple

First published 14 February 2021

Today was a reminder of what happened on Gaun's birthday when we lived in Chiang Mai.

Gaun suggested that for the occasion we head out to visit what I thought was a 'nice' temple to pay respects, but it turned out that Gaun wasn't aware of the difference in pronunciation between 'nice' and 'nine' and having finished one temple visit she then informed me that we had another eight to go. Funny.

Gaun has since mastered 'nice' and 'nine', but today it was more a case of a lack of communication because I thought we were making a single visit to a wat for Songkran but was then informed we had more to go. Eight wats later...............

I never meticulously plan my life these days and let things evolve as they happen, and this proved to be a good example of why that attitude works so well. This post only covers the first of those wats - Wat Pa Sila, my favourite forest temple:

These images aren't from this 2021 birthday visit, but the April ceremony representing traditional Songkran when Buddha statues were washed to clean them for the start of the New Year. I haven't added words because the photos speak for themselves. This is a wat that follows the Thai forest tradition, which you can read about in more detail HERE if interested. It is why you see the simple building enclosed in so much greenery. Of all the temple in Thailand, these forest wats can be the most peaceful to spend time.

I love the casual mix of Buddhism and rural farm equipment.

My daughter Peng gets under the table to gain the extra benefit of water flowing from the statues

Thank you for reading, and I hope enjoying the photos of this lovely ceremony.



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