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A Social Afternoon

First published 2 March 2022

Yesterday, we called into friends who are building a house in the countryside outside Si Bun Rueang to inspect progress. On the way we picked up another friend, Nuch, and it just happened to be her birthday, so she packed her car boot with wine, glasses and ice.

This house is being built by Chris and Nang, on rural land about 30 minutes from us.

The exterior is close to being finished, and they will be moving into tiling and fitout soon.

Chris has designed a cool house, which with temperatures heading into the high 30s this week will be tested soon. The cool season is over.

Views through the courtyard to the Isaan countryside beyond.

A relaxed Gaun.

Nuch does things in style and a wine bucket, ice and glasses made an appearance on the building site.

Chris Kay, Nang Kay, Nuch in the middle, Gaun and the other guy. Happy birthday Nuch.

You can't go wrong with a Thai selfie.

Having inspected the house and knocked off a bottle of wine, we headed to Noi's Kitchen for lunch and to enjoy their Wednesday live music session. A good time was had by all.

The bubbly was for a toast at Noi's Kitchen, where we had lunch.

A got the tough job of opening the bottle.......

...........and filing glasses. I coped.

Cheers to Nuch.

Noi's has a DIY papaya salad (som tun) bar. Gaun and Nuch preparing a large helping with just a touch of chiilies.

Live papaya cutting.

Steve, an Aussie member of the band.

Gaun was happy - food, drink and dancing.

For anyone interested in the construction I have a full post in my Building in Thailand group HERE, and a drone video you can watch HERE.

Thanks for reading.



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