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An Early Spring Clean

First published 22 February 2022

We have had a lot of rain the last week, which is very unusual for this time of year. The only reason I raise this fact is that Gaun got bored watching TV, and as she couldn't work in the garden, decided to fix some minor cracks we had in our exterior walls, which then lead to a complete repaint of the house. Not just the house, but the outside garden wall as well, which was my extra job.

Having repainted, we then scrubbed all the exterior tiling, and cleaned up. Today was that sense of satisfaction, when everything is looking perfect. My Facebook posts have been limited as a result of this burst of effort.

We make a great painting team. I get on the paint brush and do the detailed work while Gaun follows up with the roller. We knock the house over in less than a day. One tub of paint at 1,100 baht, so why not?

My partner in everything.

My completed wall outside. Good as new.

And that happy time when you can move all the furniture back in place.

We will be moving out of Isaan's version of winter, so this really was an early spring-clean.

Thanks for reading.



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