An Isaan Wedding

First published 3 May 2022

Sorry for the slack period in new material. I have still been very active in my social media world, but just haven't been transferring those stories here. I will be doing as catch-up shortly, so please keep an eye out for lots of new posts coming.

I have covered the formal ceremony and protocol for Thai weddings previously, and am not going to be repeating myself here.

We were invited to the wedding of a friend's son on Sunday and here are a few photos to give you an insight into a colourful and vibrant Isaan wedding event.

The groom in-between his stepfather Hans and his mum Nuch - Apple Pool

Gaun dressed formally for the ceremony but took dancing clothes for later.

Some ladies from our party. Nang, Noi, Peng and Gaun.

Husbands added - Chris and Greg.

And that other guy Tony.

Live music from an eight-piece band and very good they were too. The previous day they were at a gig in Roi Et, 250 km to the south and after packing up here, were heading off for a midnight event at a popular temple three hours away called Wat Kham Chanot. Someone had hired them to gain merit with the spirits.

My stepdaughter Peng looking very Peng.

Film star.

The two kids,

We will miss Peng who has headed back to university in Chiang Mai today. Always a pleasure to have around.

This was a catered wedding with food provided by contractors and the drinks by Nuch and family.

The typical mix of people trying to find shade and those who seem able to dance no matter the temperatures.

And you know where my wife Gaun will be.

Hans and Nuch.

The ceremony over, mum was enjoying herself.

On the dance floor.

Chris in action. Well done. More energy than I had.

With his lovely wife Nang.

A mixed table of ladies and ladyboys were having a fun time, which is always guaranteed with a bunch of ladyboys.

Powered by whisky they brought themselves and a touch of silicon.

Gaun, Nuch and Peng.

The ladies.

As is usual a male and female singer, who take turns to entertain. The guy here framed by umbrellas being held by dancers because of the heat.

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