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Another Thailand Plus

First published 28 December 2020

You know the difficulties about getting anything electrical fixed in western countries. It costs you a bundle to even get an estimate to repair, then you have to drop the item off and wait for ages and then take out a mortgage to pay for it.

I had a slight crisis for my birthday party on the 26th, when my 26,000 watt (555) speaker system decided to play up. With New Year coming up today, I decided to take it into a small repair shop opposite the Si Bun Ruang daytime food markets. I was fully expecting to leave it and maybe pick it up in a few days, hopefully before NY eve.

No, the guy left his lunch and started work. A replacement two pin RCA plug was cut from a six pin one he had hidden away, everything was soldered up and tested.

30 minutes later, my speaker system was working and loaded on the pickup. The cost? 100 baht!!!!!!! I gave him double that, but would have been happy with several time that. Love Thailand.

This speaker system has since been replaced by a larger version so that we can complete better with the neighbours, once party time returns to Isaan post-covid restrictions.

Thanks for reading.



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