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Charoenlai Small Shop

First published 23 November 2021

It's a wonderful mix of all sorts. You never know what you'll find.

The name is a direct translation from Google Maps for this second hand furniture/garden shop close to Ban Chiang, about 45 minutes drive east of Udon Thani.

We had to be in Udon today, and I needed some old hardwood timber flooring to replace some planks that form decking at our garden rice hut feature, so we arranged to call in. I always find other things at this place, and we went away with several new additions to the garden, which I will share in my Thailand Tropical Gardens group later.

You will come across places like Charoelai hidden away all over Isaan. They usually contain a lot of stuff I wouldn't want, but it is unusual not to find a treasure or two to make the visit worthwhile. In this case, if you do drop in the lady's name is Apple, she and her husband are super friendly.

Tell them Tony sent you, and ask if they have anything in their secret store. It's the things they bring out of hiding that are usually the best.

Garden features which they build using old timber and incorporating other Isaan items. You can pick this one up for 5,000 baht.

This is an example of the type of thing that's not on display to everyone. It's a very interesting pot, about 120 cm high, with some age on it. A one of a kind that would make a terrific feature in someone's home. 12,000 baht. Shipping can be arranged.

Glazed roofing tiles.

They buy old timber houses and then use the wood to make salas (huts) and other features. I was able to buy some of these planks that will strip back beautifully. Sorry, the best have been taken and now sit in my garden, but I am sure they will get new stock in.

The sala with the half wagon wheels is an example of the sort of thing they can do. New build with old timber.

I bought this pot as well. The wooden lid was given free. Thank you Apple.

Old fermented fish pots.

This would make a nice feature. Beautiful wood.

The characteristic Ban Chiang painted pots. Apple's husband does the work.

The previous pot was an old fish pot before the transformation.

If you are in the area of Ban Chiang, a world heritage site, why not include a visit here.

Thanks for reading.



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