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Covid Care Thumbs Up

First published 22 March 2022

I guess the quality of medical care in Thailand will vary depending on the situation and location, but I wanted to record how impressed I've been with the support my sister-in-law Yuan has been receiving. I make this post, not as an update about her, but as a reflection of how well Thailand can respond at its best.

Yesterday, Yuan felt more unwell from covid and phoned my wife Gaun, who contacted the village medical contact. Next thing, Gaun was off to the town clinic to pick up a digital thermometer, which she delivered to the farm where Yuan is based. A doctor from the clinic later phoned Yuan and asked her to send a photo of the temperature outcome to him.

This morning, Yuan got a call for Gaun to come and pick up medication from the clinic, which she did, and delivered to the farm. The contents of the pack are in the photos. All provided 100% free.

Yuan set up in isolation on my floating sala. Living and sleeping here.

I am realistic about the shortcomings of some aspects of Thailand, but It is always a pleasure when my adopted country gets it right.

Thanks for reading.



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