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First Published 30 March 2022


These are the photos I have been hanging out to take. Yuan is back in action, free from covid restrictions and when I arrived at the farm this morning it was like coming into a previously dark room to one where the power had been turned on. There was an immediate feeling of energy, mama is back in residence and Lud is even happier than normal. Even Dee Doh seemed to be more alive.

The first three photos were taken by Gaun on her phone, early morning and the rest are mine.

Lud dressed up for the occasion with even a light application of lipstick to mark a special event.

A bonus of plenty of quality long beans and orders to fill.

I can assure you that this is a happy Yuan.

And the pleasure of a return to normal can be seen in Lud's smile when I came to take photos.

See what I mean.

And I think this one expresses the joy of Yuan's return to farm life.

Long beans are currently selling for 25 baht a kilo, down from 40 baht last year. Prices went up 5 baht today and may go higher as demand increases with the Songkran rush on food.

Checking 555.

Masses more on the way.

Unlike Yuan, Bear and Tham have had success with their new planting.

Dill, lettuce and coriander.

A good-looking crop. Now that Yuan is back in action, her rows will be dug over, and new crops planted very soon.

Bear used different seeds to Yuan, which had more leaves but less long beans. Yuan did tell her. Now Bear is removing the leaves to let light get to the beans. I am sure she'll change next year.

Tham stopped ploughing to ask me if Yuan was OK.

And then continued on when he heard she was. This is the field I showed you planted to zucchini and cucumber. Note the Isaan work boots.

Mama has been based at the family house in the village while Yuan had covid. Bear was looking after her during the day. Now Bear is free to return to farming and mama can get on with her daily tasks like feeding the small fish, which she loves doing.

Jackfruit is one of my favourite fruit to photograph.

The solar pump has been busy, and the pond is as full as it can hold. The washing platform is well underwater.

The spring onions we bought just before Yuan's illness, will now be planted. Lud may not be smiling as much now that the boss is back, and a catchup burst will increase the workload.

Huge numbers of chillies still forming. The price has fallen from 100 baht a kilo to 70 baht.

Chilli is always more attractive with a passing model.

The kitchen is back in action as well, with morning breakfast/lunch being prepared. Sticky rice about to go on the heat to steam.

Dee Doh was having a treat of a tin of fish given to Yuan and Lud by the Or Bor Tor, as part of a covid relief pack. I am not sure the intention was for some of it to feed the dog, but I won't tell if you don't.

Fish, sticky rice and a dash of fish sauce being applied by Yuan here. The ideal Isaan dog's breakfast 555.


A customer turned up to collect an order.

It is such a relief and pleasure to see a scene like this. Yuan back, the farm selling and the characters that make up this part of my Isaan experience engaged fully with life once again.

Thanks for reading.



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