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I was sitting in Do Home DIY superstore in Udon Thani the other day (haven't been there for ages, and what a great outlet it is), waiting ages for them to open an account, so I could just buy some tiles for a small home project. In boredom, I looked around and what struck me was the massive spans between columns covered by the roof. You might guess where this is going. You have buildings like this, but when it comes to your small house construction project, your draftsman, wife and builder insist that four metres is the maximum they can do, and you end up with a column in the middle of your lounge room.

Guys, this is a time to remember who is paying the bills, and get your team in line with what is actually possible, rather than let them set the design agenda. Of course the four-metre rule is nonsense. I suspect it might relate back to the days when floor joists for village houses, built raised so that livestock could live underneath, were timber, and that was seen as a maximum span (????). Does anyone else have a more informed idea of why this oddity has been written into the Thai building mindset?

I refused to go along with this stupidity and designed my house exactly as I wanted it with larger open spaces, and got the draftsman to design the supporting roof frame accordingly. Of course, you can span pretty well whatever distance you want as long as the design allows for that.

I have no idea why an expat who is paying the bills rolls over for traditional thinking, when that just isn't necessary in a modern world. If your builder is locked into a 4x4 grid column pattern and that doesn't match the way you want your house to be, get a decent one. If your partner is the same.........I am sure they will see your point of view if they get a free house as a result.

I see many expat houses that end up based on default Thai design settings, that may not suit our thinking or needs, and would like to promote an approach that challenges this default.

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