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Dracaena Plants:

First published 1 April 2022

We have an area under trees that needs something quick growing to block out a newly opened view of the house next door. Dracaena fragrans (I think that's the right name) was the answer for a few reasons. (1) we have a supply of them already (free), and these are plants that can be roughly cropped, replanted, and they don't mind at all (2) they prefer the shade and retain their leaves if planted out of the sun and (2) they are quick growing even in shade, and if planted close form a lush feature hedge.

This is the view we want to hide. There was a small tree here but with more growth in the canopy, it wasn't happy in the increased shade. We will plant golden palms at the back (my favourites) and then the dracaena in front of them to give more depth.

Gaun chopping developed plants at the farm this morning. All you need is a machete, nothing fancy.

Job done. Stick them in the ground, water them, and they'll be fine.

Loaded up to take to the pickup truck.

Me doing all the hard work as usual 555.

A full load by the time Gaun was finished.

This is an illustration of how well the original plants recover from this pretty brutal treatment. You can see that it has been hacked before, but new shoots are sprouting from the cut.

And these three shoots are new from cuts made previously. They take a while to get going but once they do, they grow pretty quickly. Ready to be chopped again soon 555.

These are cuttings planted in our home garden.

And a few other examples. They help form a tropical garden look.

In the shade they are more likely to retain their lower leaves.

They will take sun, but aren't as happy. They then lose their leaves as they get higher, leaving a bunch at the top and a bare trunk, giving a sort of coconut palm look.

The ones on the right have dropped lower leaves, maybe because they are more exposed. The ones on the left have kept more of theirs.

Thanks for reading.



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