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Drinking Water

First published 22 November 2020

The bottles getting a clean on the spouts.

We buy our drinking water rather than use a water filter at home. I did have a filter but found the need to replace filters made it an expensive exercise compared to buying (we had a RO filter, which was the main problem because it quickly clogged up with our bore/well water).

And then a mechanised scrub inside.

Drinking water can either be delivered or you can buy direct from the factory. The downside to home delivery is that they swap bottles. If you have bought new, as we did, then you run the risk of getting a return bottle that is not the same quality as the one you exchanged. More convenient though if you're not worried on the visuals and a bottle is a bottle.

The outside is cleaned and then rinsed inside and out.

We buy from a factory in Nong Bua Lamphu, our provincial capital, which is a 30-minute drive from us. We combine it with other chores (and a massage for me) so it's no big deal. They take the bottles, thoroughly clean them, refill with filtered water and load the pick-up. Prices went from 10 baht a bottle (20 litres) to 15 baht this year, which seemed like a big increase. It is still good value and the water lasts us for ages.

Water being added.

Here a drinking water truck is being loaded to do a run through local villages.

A very useful tipping cradle for the bottles, which are heavy to pour from otherwise.

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