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Excess Energy

First published 9 March 2022

In a burst of energy and house pride, my wife Gaun is on our steel roof, cleaning it. I wanted to get an update of the garden so was able to capture her amazing attitude to home maintenance and life. Before anyone asks, she doesn't want me walking around on the roof, and I have no great argument with that. I am not as steady as I used to be.

Lighter coloured roofs certainly show the dirt more. You can't actually see most of our roof, but in a very usual attitude not often seen in locals, Gaun wants everything to look perfect, seen or not.

This is the second clean in seven years. We have around 300 sq mtrs of roofing, so it's a big job.

You can tell the before and after.

A pose for the camera. One of the happiest, hard-working people I have ever met.

And a few shots of the tropical gardens we have created around our house. Not for everyone, because of the work involved, but each to their own.

The photos show what can be achieved in this wonderful climate if you put the effort in. The gardens in the right were started from a zero base in 2015 and half on the left in 2018. The land on the far left isn't ours, but it looks the same as what we started with.

Most of the lower half has grown in four years.

A shady, cool(er) and relaxing place to spend time, and isn't that what we want to achieve in Thailand (?)

Thanks for reading.



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