Extending the Dream

Shortly after we built our home in 2015, I realised that I had designed the outdoor living area too small. We spend more time there than we do in our indoor option. It's a mistake I see so often in expat houses. People come here from a cool climate and then replicate the 'internally focussed' houses they are used to at 'home'. I'm from Australia, so had a better understanding of the attraction of outdoors in a hot climate, but still underestimated the under-roofline requirements to meet that objective.

I corrected the living area mistake by adding another two metre overhang a few years ago - see photo one. This side of the house faces east and therefore gets early morning sun. We protected a lot of this side through the use of a large bougainvillea, which recently Gaun cut down because it was too much effort to keep under control. With the eastern side now open to the sun, I wanted to further extend the roofline to provide shade, but also extend the outdoor living area to include a dining table, which currently lives on the western side of the house.

Yesterday that project started, although cut short by afternoon rain.

This is the extra roofline we added to extend the shaded living area. It flows beautifully into the garden beyond as you can see.

And this is the area we want to extend that overhang the full length of the house. The new roof will end at those lovely golden palms, which will create a wall of greenery and shade the area.

Three pre-made concrete columns ordered and delivered yesterday.

Three columns, one truck and three guys from the shop, one to drive, one to operate the crane and one general job guy. How money is made here is a mystery.

Unloaded. The two men on the right work for the builder.

Moved by hand with the assistance of a trolley borrowed from the farm. Note the Isaan work boots.

The point at which work stopped due to rain.

On a sunny morning today, work began early, and the frame started to go into place.

You get an idea of the extra length from this photo. The area underneath will be concreted and tiled to match the existing floor. You can also see the extent of the eastern sun, which I don't want to hit the house.

I will add more updates to share progress.



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