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Flowers and Ferns

First published 12 March 2022

A chance encounter led us to restock our flower displays and also top up the garden with more ferns.

I am following this timber house being constructed in the village. The owners have a flower farm, and while I was there his wife turned up and asked if we wanted some more because she had the time to cut some for us.

The farm is a couple minute ride from our home, so we headed out. Marigolds.

Flowers being cut under supervision.

The lady is called Yuan, the same as one of my sister-in-laws.

Plenty more about to flower.

You will often find beautiful timber hidden away at the back of farms. Lots of table tops here.

And we came across this stock of ferns Yuan was willing to sell for 50 baht each. You'd pay more than double this at a garden shop, so I bought 20 of them and might even head back for more.

I headed home to swap the motorbike for the pickup and here was the result of our morning diversion. 300 baht (100 baht/kilo) for the flowers and 1,100 for the ferns.

The garden is at the point where we have a lot more shade, so that ferns can now become the emphasis at ground level, whereas before it was just too sunny and hot. It's a pleasure to see the garden change character over time.

A few of the new ferns filling in gaps underneath taller plants.

Gaun spotted this plant also selling for 50 baht. I am not sure what it is, but we haven't got one in the garden so added it to the collection. If you see something unusual, do just get it then, because if you come back at some stage it probably won't be there.

The new flowers on display adding colour to our outside living area.

Thank you for reading.



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