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Frangipani Plants:

First published 4 May 2022

I am making this post not to promote one of my favourite tropical flowers, but as a warning to those of you thinking of adding them to your landscaping.

Please check with partner and family before planting, because these shrubs are seen as bad luck by those Thai people who are very concerned about superstition, especially the older generations.

This is something I have only discovered recently, because my wife Gaun has no concerns with details like this thank goodness. However, Gaun's younger sister Yuan, won't have them at the family farm, and we had a friend visit us recently and his wife didn't want them because of the bad luck symbolism.

As with everything, you can overrule your partner, but generally life works better if you take their concerns into account. The photos are of some of ours in the tropical part of our garden.

Wiki information on frangipani here:

Thanks for reading.



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