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Garden Additions:

The small new seating area I showed you yesterday has been finished after we brought a load of gravel back this morning from the family farm where it's stored. It will get the Gaun feature treatment over time. A lovely shady spot under trees.

I also wanted some more glazed fermented fish pots, so we headed out and came back with a truck-load.

It already looks like it has always been there, but I am sure plants and rabbits will turn up at any moment to add to the character of the area.

It has turned a 'dead' space on the left of this path into another useable area.

People no longer use these pots with plastic options and commercial fermented fish (what Gaun calls fish dead long time) available from all markets. We just drove around a couple of villages and Gaun got out to ask anyone we saw that was sitting outside. The pots don't look much in this raw, dirty state.

But with a bit of a scrub........

..........they turn out better than you might expect.

After they dry, I will give them a concrete glazing to bring out the shine and colour.

Three for 100 baht. 20 baht each for the smaller ones. Thank you Gaun.

How's that for 20 baht? The following are a few random photos or ways Gaun has used these pots around the gardens.


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