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Gardening Joy:

Driving back from Udon Thani today after picking up Gaun's older sister Yurt for the Chinese New Year holiday, we stopped off to buy some bags of charcoal for the family, which were 50 baht cheaper than in the village. The shop had a few plants for sale and I saw two bromeliads, which were a good size for 100 baht each. I only share this insignificant bit of news so that you keep in mind two small tips about buying plants in Thailand.

One, just about every plant you see whether in a formal or informal situation is up for sale. If you come across something you like, ask if you can buy it. Some of our best purchases have been made just by asking the question.

Two, If you spot a plant that's a bit different, then snap it up now rather than expect to come back and see more of the same. Thai garden shops are fine for the standard bulk varieties, but for a plant that's a bit out of the ordinary, grab it while you can.

The two bromeliads will find a home as part of the landscaping around our expanded pond. Part of the joy of being able to create such a beautiful garden, at a fraction of the cost when compared to western countries.


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