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Happy with Life

First published 30 May 2021

I don't know how the subject came up but yesterday as Yuan and Lud worked on forming new beds, with heavy clumpy clay soil in the heat and high humidity, Yuan came out with how much she loved what she did.

Yuan was busy doing this when she came out with how much she enjoyed farming.

I observe the same attitude with Gaun, who is busy with a huge tidy up on all of her gardens, working three hours today before I was even awake. With Yuan and Lud I sometimes think that they have a hard life, and members have commented the same, because of the type of heavy manual or repetitive work they sometimes do. In Gaun's case, I sometimes feel guilty I don't do more in the gardens (I do actually get involved but not at the same level as Gaun).

That load on the pick-up being dumped at the farm, is what Gaun has cut out of our home gardens yesterday and early this morning. All loaded up before I joined life at 8:00 am.

It is an example of superimposing our expectations and labels onto others. Yuan wouldn't swap for an easier life because she sincerely loves every aspect of what she and Lud do. Gaun is a natural gardener and would be lost if she had to spend her life being lazy or sitting in the salon getting her hair and nails done.

No guilt required. She loves what she does and the results speak for that.

As someone who spent a lot of my working life hating what I did, it is so refreshing to see the enjoyment of these individuals in what they do seven days a week. Life is sometimes not what we think it is.

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