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Isaan Rural Village Houses

First published 8 August 2020

I drove around our village this afternoon to photograph some characterful timber houses that have survived being knocked down to be replaced with concrete boxes. I understand the desire to upgrade, but a lot of the atmosphere of these small Isaan rural moo bans is lost as a result.

None of these houses are will feature in a Grad Designs episode (for those of you who know the programme) but some have more character than some steel, glass and concrete constructions you'll see there. This lady weaves cloth in that lean-to on the front.

Nothing special, but the lady owner loves her trees. Usually trees are removed around houses, so it was worth a photo.

A newer timber house in the lanna style. These have to be regularly revarnished to maintain their look, and closely monitored for termite activity.

Photo taken not for the structure but for the colours.

The lady at the front has a German partner who arrives briefly occasionally. Her sister lives has a farang partner (Swedish?) and her house is at the back.

A splash of colour in a lush landscape.

You will often see iron being used to clad the old village houses. Typically, it is that the original timber has been eaten by termites, and it is too expensive to replace. Spot the tray of chillies being dried.

Very typical. Built up to allow for livestock to be kept underneath at night in earlier times.

A small house that was lifted onto rollers and moved by hand to this new location. It is accommodation for a teacher at our village school.

House upstairs and shop at ground level.

A couple of 'wet' season views taken at the edge of our moo ban. A sala (hut) which will be used by workers for lunch and sleeping breaks when activity is happening on this farm.

Typical afternoon clouds building. Usually bring no rain in this dry monsoon season.


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