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Isaan Second Hand Shop:

This place is hidden away east of Udon Thani, near the World Heritage site of Ban Chiang. Unless you knew it was there, you'd drive straight past it. Inside there's a weird mix of objects, a lot of which could be classified as junk, but often there are a few jewels that make for character pieces for your garden or home. We have visited and bought lots of things from here, and this time we were on the hunt for old hardwood planks to finish a upgrade deck for an old Isaan rice storage hut we have in the garden.

I was after more old hardwood flooring to repair the rice hut feature in our garden and our friends in Sakon Nakhon prepared some for me, so we headed out today to pick it up.

Here's the decking when finished.

I have reported on this second hand place before, but here's an update with a focus mainly on pots.

I have never visited here without coming away with more than planned. If you see something you like, buy it, because you'll never see another one like it.

One of these is destined for our gardens because they have a bit of age and are more interesting than the terracotta ones you see everywhere.

These in their original form were used as water pots. The ladle you see on top is made from a coconut shell with a carved wooden handle, used to scoop out the water to drink.

Close to the world heritage site of Ban Chiang, these modern 'tourist' pots are replicas of the style of painted pots found at the archaeological site:

We ended up buying all of these on another visit and make them the base for a water feature in the garden.

I took this photo to share with you in case anyone was interested. A heavy iron frame, with hardwood slats. A struggle one person lift.

It would come up well with a bit of TLC.

If you were interested, unfortunately (for you) this photo shows the seat sitting in my driveway. I couldn't resit.

And here it is in the garden as of this morning.

And this bird (nok as in Nok Air) caught my eye as well. Another unplanned purchase. I have only given it a wash at this stage, but even that has brought out the colours, and it will be a great addition for the gardens.

They have this one for sale at 600 baht plus postage. He's standing on a piece of wood like the other one. He would also add character to a garden, so be quick to snap him up otherwise I will next visit. Call Apple (Thai/Lao only) on 065 880 5265 to have him moved to your home. P.S. I ended up buying him as well on our next visit.

This shop can be found here:

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