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Kathin - The end of Buddhist Lent

We went to the ceremony to commemorate this event at the small forest wat 1 km past the family farm, situated in rural countryside. The usual process of feeding monks and then tucking into food provided by the community that many of you will have seen and maybe participated in, so nothing new here, but a few unique photos to bring back memories, if you're not in Thailand ATM.

Peng, Lud, Yuan and Gaun, the core of my Isaan family. A yai (grandmother) on the left who got roped into the photo. Don't masks take a lot of the character out of photos. Checkpoints on the way in and everyone was temperature tested and masks had to be worn.

The main Buddha hall in the background and a check-in point at the front where people make a financial donation.

Giveaways for later.

This wat has a large central pond, which photographs well in the morning light.

The monks heading off to pick up food donations.

Senior monks first - the abbots of local temples. Monks in order of seniority behind, which I believe is based on when they formally signed up to become a monk.

The villagers had circled the pond and the monks made the circuit to collect their food.

The senior abbot.

Slideshow: I love the mix of colours at events like this.

Once that was out of the way, the monks went off to be fed while villagers had set up stalls giving out free food. The main reason the kids were there I am guessing.

The whole range of cooked food, drinks and sweets.

Any place an Isaan person sits down is the dining area.

Help yourself.

Mostly kids lining up.

Free food packs.

Breakfast for the family.

My daughter Peng happy with food. What Isaan person isn't?

The donations are collected in one place and sorted into categories before being taken to the Buddha Hall to be blessed by the monks.

The original building of this wat. Monks changing.

Another view of the hall, which has been constructed for a few years now, on and off.

Hungry monks. Masses of food, but whatever is left over is given back to the crowd.

The bosses up the front.

The donated food waiting clearance to be given back to the participants.

Here people are grabbing the food they originally donated to the monks as it leaves the Buddha Hall.

A chance for people with not much to get a bit of payback from the temple.

The basket of a yai sitting in front of us.

I had a lady at one of the stalls walk over to give me a banana and this is my record of that gift

The countryside that surrounds the temple. Wat Pa Sap Anan is under construction and will be for years, but if in the area drop in for a wander around:

Thank you for reading.



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