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I administer nine Facebook groups, which reflect my passions. Groups are one of the best aspects of Facebook in that you only join those that reflect your interests, and there's no rubbish posts or advertisements. Below I have listed my groups, with a brief description of what they are focussed on. I administer them all myself, to ensure that they stay on topic, and there's nothing published that is offensive or commercial.

1. Best Isaan Wats

A group where the very best wats of Isaan will be displayed along with Google Map links and GPS coords. Feel free to add your personal favourites as long as the photos are of good quality and directions to find it provided.

2. Isaan Life and Culture

This is a group for ex-pats, expats-to-be and people who just want to have a better understanding of the non-tourist life of the Isaan region in the northeast of Thailand. It isn't designed to be a discussion area for visas or other topics that relate to the admin of living here.

Rather, I want to capture and share insights into what the everyday life of living in Isaan looks like. Other stories from members with photos are most welcome, but they must stick to the topic. Any commercial posts will be deleted and the member blocked. Have fun and please click to like a post, make comments or both.

3. Isaan Photography

A specialist group for people who enjoy both photography and the sights of Isaan, a region in the northeast of Thailand. My other groups include Thailand Tropical Gardens and Rural Isan, Thailand as well as my personal page

4. Thailand Tropical Gardens

A group for tropical garden enthusiasts.

My wife Gaun and I have developed one of the best private tropical gardens in the northeast of Thailand, a region called Isaan. This page is to share the progression of that project as well as tips and ideas that others might find useful. Lots of others have joined and added contributions, so this is an invaluable resource for tropical garden lovers.

5. Farming in Isaan

A group focussed on farming topics in Isaan, a region in the northeast of Thailand. I will be posting regular stories sharing my observations of real rural farming life and associated topics, with no references to bureaucracy, politics, eating places, bars or relationships! Enjoy and feel free to join in.

6. Si Bun Rueang

Si Bun Ruang is a small rural town situated 25 km south of the provincial capital of Nong Bua Lamphu in Thailand's northeast, a region called Isaan. Google Maps to our central markets here:

This group aims to give the few westerners living in the area a central place to discover or share local events, tips and where to find things.

For non-residents, new to Thailand, this group will give you insights to what some aspects of life will look like if you chose to base yourself in a smaller centre away from the big cities.

As those of you who are residents here will know, there is very little if anything on topics relating directly to Si Bun Ruang online. I hope this contribution helps.

7. A Surprising Path to Enlightenment

This group has as its foundation topic a book I wrote over two years or more and am still adding to. The title of this book started life as ‘The Red Pill or the Blue Pill’ a reference to a popular film called The Matrix, in which the hero had to decide between the life he thought was real and an alternative he suspected might exist but had no way of accessing.

My book was intended to chronicle my voyage of self-discovery in a way that was easily readable outside any specific philosophy or belief restraints, with a starting point of that red/blue pill choice in my life.

Over the time it took to write this book, it developed into something beyond what I had expected, reflecting changes I observed in myself, which were never looked for or even raised in the more formal disciplines I followed. The title has changed several times resulting in the current 'A Surprising Path to Enlightenment’, which seems appropriate to my experience, although I am quick to add that I don't claim 'Enlightenment' or whatever you want to call it.

The initial format will be an extract from the book of one chapter per post, with a PDF download option for the full version (updated Oct 2021).

I will add additional thoughts as I feel like, and any discussion is welcome.

8. Thailand Recommendations

This is a group that promotes recommendations for quality service and goods businesses in Thailand. It is not for the business themselves to add posts, but for members who have experienced good service or goods to add as much information as possible, to support that business and spread the word.

9. Building in Thailand

A very active group, a must join for anyone looking to build in Thailand. I originally started the group as a support forum for people who had bought my 900 page eBook 'Building in Thailand', but it has grown beyond that more narrow base, to become a research and discussion group for over 2,700 members interested in Thai construction.

If you'd like to make a very modest investment in my comprehensive eBook then click on this link: HERE

Thank you for reading.



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