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Lots of Spring Onions and More:

First published 16 March 2022

Lud was away delivering lettuce when we arrived at the farm this morning. He enjoys the socialising, so disappears for ages leaving Yuan to continue the farm work.

Later we were invited to join Yuan and Lud, when they headed off to collect spring onions to plant replacing some rows of lettuce, which hadn't met Yuan's quality levels. Gaun calls these trips away a 'holiday' and they are the only real breaks Yuan and Lud get from the seven day's a week farm routine.

Yuan back at what seems like endless work tying up long bean shoots. The leaf disease they had a touch of early has been fixed.

Lost in long beans.

Gaun. What can I say.

So much pride in what she does.

How's that for the perfect long bean photo?

Nearly as perfect as this one.

Dee Doh seems to pop up regularly. I don't go looking, he just wanders into camera range. Hunting something in this case.

The new tomatoes are now starting to rearily get going.

That’s them on the left of this photo. The lettuce disappearing.

Bear and Tham weeding and thinning on their farm next door.

This onion farm is on the way to Udon Thani. Masses of undercover space where the onions are hung to dry.

The bamboo poles which are used to hang the bunches on onions.

New green onions on the left and older dried on the right.

Farmers checking out other farms 555.

Yuan ordered 100 kilos. They are being packed here.

Put some in one sack and then move over to stand on them to pack them down while filling the second sack.

Getting there.

50 kilos in each sack at 25 baht a kilo.

Onions loaded we headed off to check out what was happening locally farm-wise. Onions was the answer.

And masses of them.

What a lovely photo of this lovely couple. Lunch bought by Yuan, in typical generosity.

Thanks for reading.



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