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Market Fun and More:

With nothing specific to share in this group, I thought I would post this story, which originated in my farming group. It is sort of rural based, but more than just photos of vegetables.

This is Yuan's stall at the Monday street markets. When we arrived Yuan had walked off to get a cold drink. Typically, a bunch of customers then arrived and Gaun had to get involved selling.

Luckily Yuan returned, because she had the money. Yuan is in a row of people selling the same sort of farm produce, but hers was the only stall looking like this.

Some of the produce I showed you in yesterday's morning post.

Yuan's cold drink arrives.

I watch Yuan, and she's never passive with her stall. Here she is rearranging the presentation from the customer's side. Anyone who shows the slightest interest is asked to buy.

The stall next door had these tasty looking baby frogs for sale. 50 baht a plate if anyone is interested 555. I will pass.

Eggplant, cowslip flowers and chillies. Yuan sold out of everything except for two bags of chillies.

Lud especially picked this morning glory. Yuan was told that all the sales would go towards a bottle of lao khao (Isaan 'whisky') 555. Yuan sold five bundles at 10 baht each, so Lud got most of the way to a small bottle. Gaun shares all this sort of stuff with me otherwise I would miss so much.

Pepper - not Yuan's stall. I just liked the photo.

My artistic shot of the morning.

This is a clearer view of what Yuan and Lud were actually doing. Picking coriander for orders.

And onions to be delivered as well.

The one kilo bundles of coriander.

A perfect sunny morning here so I thought I would take the drone up. These are obviously cover the same area as all my drone photos do, but each time the land usage changes. What a picture of rural perfection this farm is.

The entirety of the family farms shown in this photo, basically from left to right and up to the trees and road in the background. 48 rai in total.

The farm is split between four sisters and a brother in 6 rai strips. From left to right Yuan x2 plots, Gaun x 2, Bear x 1, Jun x 1 and Yurt x 2.

The bright green are the rice seed-beds for Bear and Yuan.

This is the devastation made by chopping all those trees down I covered yesterday. From a farmer's point of view you can see the logic to expand sugar cane coverage but.......................If I had the money I would pay farmers annually to keep the trees.

I should have used Gaun's new bench, but the truck was handy.

I am always tempted to wind back the green in editing, but it actually is that colour.

The field at the top is the next to be planted (I think). Gaun finished several days pruning the driveway bougainvillea and hedges early this morning, and it looks pretty stunning as you can see.

The next four photos show the interconnectedness of life here, if you keep an eye out. (1) These are a variety of Siam tulips that are blooming now, and can be eaten. At the stall next to Yuan's yesterday. The lady mentioned that she had four pots and would be prepared to sell them for 50 baht a pot. I paid her, and she promised to deliver them to the farm today. BTW mint in the background. 10 baht a bunch. Good for your mojito cocktail.

(2) Breakfast at the farm this morning included - Siam tulips. They are in the bowl on the left. Boiled. I tried one. It had a flowery taste not surprisingly. Not bad. larb fish the main dipping dish for sticky rice today.

(3) the lady had been early and delivered my tulips. These will die eventually and regrown next wet season.

(4) Moved from the farm to our gardens. Adding new features all the time for very little.

Thank you for reading.



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