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Monday Street Markets:

First published 14 March 2022

We called into see Yuan this afternoon, despite the 41 showing on my pickup temperature gauge. A reminder to take small towels with me from now on. Gaun and Yuan looked as fresh as if it were ten degrees cooler. Gaun's phone photos, so not the usual standard.

Some of the produce you saw being prepared in this morning's post.

The coconuts Yuan and Lud harvested from our garden yesterday.

Two being sold to this guy, who surprised Yuan by talking to her in Thai and not Lao, and three to the lady on the right. The big guy is Mon, a friend and local farmer (we bought our second half rai from his wife), who is cutting the tops off the two coconuts so the guy could drink the juice.

The ant eggs you saw Yuan get from our garden Sunday and the boiled leaves I photographed this morning. Basil behind. Three plates of eggs already gone.

Bear's contribution.

Eggplant and chillies for this lady - 30 baht.

Yuan has sold all of her lettuce, even though it is very early afternoon and the rush hasn't started. Mon next door still has most of his. It is the Vansutha Farm phenomenon.

Growing your own mango trees is part of the live-in-Thailand dream, but mangos, while lovely shade trees, are incredibly messy and constant work if in a garden setting. Plant something easier to keep and just buy the mangos in season. They are practically given away - three kilos 50 baht.

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