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Mother-in-law Tongues

Gaun was on a mini-project today, replacing mother-in-law tongues that were past their use-by date, with new stock from elsewhere in the garden.

Chopping out dead stalks. These are some of my favourite plants. They are so easy to grow, can be placed in sun or shade, potted or in the soil. They last for ages and self-generate new shoots.

This row next to the new pond was in need of a boost.

Gaun tells me that you can shop the leaves like this, replant them and most will take and grow. It will take time. I didn't know that.

Gaun's subtle chop and plant approach

Soil brought from a supply we have at the family home 50 metres away. It looks like rubbish, but given some water everything grows wonderfully in it.

The end result.

Thank you for reading.



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