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Mut Mee Guesthouse Beside the Mekong River

First published 11 September 2020

Yesterday we had some things to do in Udon Thani so decided to head the 30 minutes north and stay at my favourite guest house right on the Mekong River in Nong Khai. I first discovered Mut Mee very early during my time in Isaan and have been back several times since, often with visiting friends.

In previous times it has been bustling with tourists, people from all over the world, planning trips, chatting, eating and drinking at the on-site restaurant and enjoying the great location. This time we were the only people there and I felt so sad for the delightful owner Julian (ex-UK) and his wife. You can have the best position and business in town but in these times it is difficult to keep going.

I find it impossible not to take photos in Mut Mee because unlike so many alternatives, Julian has made a huge effort to decorate the place and keep it looking spot on, even though there's no one here. I think I have captured the essence of the place with these photos.

Reception.Booking online via and etc only gives you access to the basic rooms. If you do want the better options then phone Mut Mee directly - details here:

We booked their best room on the upper floor with views over the Mekong.

A big balcony with a view over the resort and the river. A great spot to spend time.

Gaun in holiday mode. You can see how close the river is. Laos on the other side.

I am coping.

A Laos fishing boat.

The view over the gardens from our balcony.

Mut Mee covers an extensive area, but all beautifully kept, private and quiet.

Yes, it was beer time.

I would be quite happy to take that combination home.

NIghttime. They have a couple of salas on the edge of the river. Back in normal times food could be ordered, but beer only this time (I think). We had had a large lunch in Udon so didn't test the kitchens.

One of the attractions of being on the south bank of the Mekong is the sunset over the Mekong. A jet ski heading home here or drug smuggler.


A new boardwalk has been added since I was here last, and it was in good use by Thais taking some evening exercise.

Mut Mee is directly behind me when I took this photo.

Another sad sight. The dinner boats were all lit up but I doubt if they were getting much custom. The whole riverside was pretty dead.

Our room lit up at night.

There was wet stuff falling from the sky this morning and when I Googled it I identified it as rain. It has been so long since we have seen any at home that I had totally forgotten what it was. This is a ground floor room, still with great views.

Yup. Add that on to the back of my pick-up as well.

I think I will just make Julian a bulk offer for the lot.

See what I mean about the presentation. Better than the usual cartoon characters you find in many resorts.

Our room and balcony in the daylight.

I love this seaside-blue colour.

A photographer's shot.

Last one. You will find Mut Mee on Google Maps here: Within easy walking distance to waterfront eating places and the large undercover markets. Highly recommended.

Thanks for reading.


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