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Have any of you wondered why so much is individually packaged here in Thailand? You buy a pack of soap that when opened has each bar individually boxed. A packet of confectionery will have each sweet in its own wrap inside.

My take on this is that so much of what is sold ends up at the roadside stalls and village shops, where reduced income supports mini-purchases of items. Go into these places, and you can buy Nestle 3 in 1 coffee wraps individually, or five packets for 20 baht. Villagers want one bar of soap, not a pack of four. The large packet of crisps has been opened and each of the smaller pack inside is available for five baht.

There's not much in these places over 100 baht, with the target market being the 20 baht locals.

You will also note that mostly it is a small size that predominates. Little bottles of dishwashing liquid, shampoo etc etc. Once again, modest incomes only support modest shopping baskets. Even petrol for motorbikes is mini-sized. You can buy 500 ml usually stored in empty whisky bottles! For Isaan people, the local rice whisky called lao khao would fuel a motorbike in itself.

P.S. I do realise that some packaging is related to the humid climate - biscuits are often packaged into smaller packs so that when opened they don't go soft.

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