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Rice Huts and More

First published 30 November 2021

I am after some more old timber to replace rotting decking outside the rice hut in our garden. Gaun contacted a friend of ours and asked if he would keep an eye out for a rice hut I could buy just for the timber. He phoned back this afternoon with a few suggestions, so we headed out to have a look.

Some other goodies hidden away as well. It's hard to find these old wagon wheels these days, and they are expensive.

At 50,000 baht, this was way overpriced. So moving on.

I spotted this truck all decked out with mirrors and lights. A fairly common sight in Isaan.

Hut number two. The lower timber columns had rotted away and been replaced with concrete, which reduces the value.

Unfortunately, the lighter coloured wood shows that termites have been feasting, which is always a bad sign.

This hard sand coloured covering indicates termites underneath. The floor timbers looked OK, but the wall panels were in poor shape. I am waiting to hear the price for this one.

I just love these ong, Isaan water pots. I could take the lot but have nowhere to put them. You'd expect pick these up for 250 baht each and 400 baht up to move them depending on the distance.

Number three was already being dismantled. It was a bit unclear whether it was for sale or had already been sold. You'd get it for 5,000 baht, but the timber wasn't anything special.

Beautiful chunks of hardwood underneath.

When the termites eat the wood beyond repair, people replace the walls with iron sheeting, like with this example. The base columns have been changed to concrete as well.

This timber village house is for sale at 60,000 baht. Too much for what I need.

It will be replaced with something like this, which was next door.

A photo of a typical village house that I liked.

Small rice huts can be found as well. Not for sale.

And another photographer's shot in the warm evening light.

We treated our friends to a few beers to thank them for their work. The lady has developed a small garden plant business, because her husband has found it hard to find work over the covid period.

Kids don't need much to have fun do they?

My stepdaughter Peng was able to join us, having an afternoon break from online university study. Always photogenic.

Thanks for reading.



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