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Rocks and an Isaan Houseboat:

Another load of rocks collected today to use around our garden. Some to complete the new pond landscaping and others to start a new feature and seating area because the current garden project energy keeps on happening.

I can't believe how barren and dry this area is about 20 minutes south of us.

One more load demonstrating the benefits of having a pickup and a wife who isn't shy about putting in the hard yards.

If I had a tractor and a truck! The reality is, we have nowhere to put large rocks like this.

A sight that always saddens me. Beautiful timber that will be made into charcoal. The owners of this land weren't there today, but we will be heading back next week and hopefully I can save a few of these to place as plinths around the garden. Keep out of the soil and coat with Chaindrite for termites.

You see these soil mounds all over. They are hollow. The wood is stacked inside and then slowly burnt to create the charcoal, which sells for 150 -200 baht per sack.

Back at home. It is hard to show the new area, but we will develop this space under shade trees. The new rocks defining the area.

This is the area in early 2018, central behind those shrubs. The growth in the garden means that we can now start to develop areas under trees, while at the stage shown here, we were just trying to cover the dirt and plant for the future.

Gravel, new plants and a table and chair set will be added soon.

The rocks really help to give it character.

And the rest of the rocks have helped to almost cover up the final pieces of exposed black plastic pond liner.

One hundred new small fish added the last couple of days.

If you've never seen an Isaan fishing houseboat, I have thrown in a couple of bonus photos. Not strictly gardening, but why not. Enjoy.

On the way back, Gaun noticed that this houseboat was occupied and was fishing with the net in the water. The net is raised and lowered using powered by the legs of the owner.

And one more on the other side of the bridge, which was occupied but not fishing.

Rice can be grown if water is available. This photo was taken five minutes from my first image, where we were collecting rocks. Such a contrast.


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