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Scarf Colours

A very specialised post for those of you who enjoy learning the small details of life here. Some prefer to disengage, some to skim across the surface, and a few find it interesting and fun to dive deeper. This is for you guys.

I never gave any thought to the scarfs that you sometimes see school students and teachers wear, which relate to the scouting movement, and there's a whole story that sits behind these simple objects. The photos share the secrets.

If you are into the scouting movement, here's the Thai link. All in Thai of course, but Google translate will help you out:

My thanks to my daughter Peng (Jiraporn Promluang) for doing all the research for me.

This is all from Thai online sites.

A school related item to add to your tourist guide knowledge - if male students join the army cadets (that's an Australian name and I don't know if it applies elsewhere), presumably for a nominated period, they are excluded from the army conscription lottery aged 21.

The twelve groupings of colours as stated in the previous photo and detailed below:

In this example, the scarf had both a colour and a crest.

And here are the provincial crests. More can be found here:

So when you have visitors again, and you are around a school and spot these scarfs, you can act the complete know-it-all and tell them about the significance of the colours and crest.

Thanks for reading.



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