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Second Hand Wonderland:

I have featured this second hand place situated close to Ban Chiang, east of Udon Thani, a few times in this group, but we popped in today, so I thought I would share the reason for our visit and provide an update of what they have in stock.

It is all a bit Facebook virtual really, because even if anyone was interested in an item, most people seem to be either elsewhere in Thailand or out of the country. Still it helps keep the dream alive.

We bought two of these wagons from this place. One more being built. The timbers are original, but the cart itself is not.

Lots of old hardwood pieces. Leftovers from mostly rural equipment. Great feature potential.

Window shutters with a bit of age on them.

One of two benches they had on offer.

This was the one I had come for. It needs to be stripped back and stained, but it is good quality timber.

The lady comes as part of the package. Sorry - sold already 555.

Some beautiful old hardwood planks had arrived yesterday.

Look at that thickness.

A lot of junk, but I have always come away with more than I planned. Hidden gems.

One bench loaded up plus two chairs I liked. As I said, I always leave with more than I planned. Thank goodness for pickups. My previous Mazda 2 would have struggled 555.

I wanted a feature to finish off this new area at home, which is outside a large glass door in our bedroom. I thought the bench would do that, and I am happy with the result.

The view from the bedroom.

And here are the two chairs that have replaced a couple of modern metal ones, that just didn't fit in. Cushions to be added. Low for westerns, but I have no problems with my knees or back, so it works fine for me.

Thanks for reading.



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