This mobile clothes repair vendor passes through the village every couple of months and always gets good business. Pull them over and a husband and wife team with replace zips, mend tears and anything else you want while you wait. Gaun always saves up clothes needing attention until they arrive. I always end up taking a few photos because their truck is so well-organised.

Pulled over by my wife Gaun. Our house is on the left. I used to hate the loudspeaker trucks that came through the village in my early days. It wouldn't be allowed in Canberra 555. Now I try to guess what they are selling and sometimes, I actually want to get them to stop. We are out of the way, so get very few of them and I have relaxed into Isaan life, letting my western phobias drop away.

Our wall on the right. Not many customers yet, so just the wife working. Note the shoes on the ground.

Two sewing machines inside, so if it does get busy both husband and wife can work.

Very neat.

One zip replacement 40 baht, two long jeans cut down to shorts and hemmed plus one torn shorts mended 30 baht each. When I remember the alternative in Australia, it is one to add to my 'what advanced country?' list. You'd have to drive to find a repair shop, leave it with them for days, and it would cost you a fortune. Wouldn't something like this do a good business on weekends in Australia. Too many regulations of course to become a reality.

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