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Stunning Features for your Garden


A few more images showing the range of items you can pick up in Isaan second hand shops if you use your imagination and keep your eyes open.

All of these pieces are from a place I use 40 minutes east of Udon Thani near Ban Chiang, but there are these shops hidden away all over. Mostly junk, but sometimes you discover gems.

The table made from a single piece of hardwood with the leg made from an old timber cart hub and accessories.


A wooden rabbit.

This pot is handmade from timber.

The Welsh sheep is not Thai This is a rice grinder. There would normally be a timber handle in that hole, which would be used to turn the top section.

We are holding this one for a friend.

This is an old rocking horse, minus its rocker.

I love this monk. One of my favourites.

A drum less the cover. Beautiful colours.

I bought all of these the last visit, but we haven't yet made a feature of them.

This one lives inside as it's a bit fragile.

I took the following photos on our visit to this shop last week, just to give an idea of what you might find. I could live with any of these items.

A typical Ban Chiang style pot.

These are bird nests. They are cheap and make for a characterful hanging feature in your garden.

Like this one on our garden.

Or this one (on the left!)

I have my eye on this one. It would look great cleaned up.

This is nice too.

A terrific feature in the right location.

They are building a sala made from timber, and I love this use of old wheels cut in half.

Not sure who would buy these because they are old markers where the ashes and bones of deceased people would be placed. You can see the hole where they would be placed. Your Thai partner would LOVE to have one of these in the house 555


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