Thai/Isaan Dance Music

A lighter topic from the one I wrote yesterday. Thank you to those that took the time to comment on that one. As expected, all were very polite no matter the view expressed. Admin does no work in this group.

OK, back to music. One of the big disappointments with covid, other than the obvious, is the lack of outdoor music, from the street parties with the large speaker systems being carried around on ancient farm trucks through to the high-tech specialised trucks built for a live band on the upper deck and finally the fixed live bands with the often totally bored dancing ladies 555. The truck guys must be fuming, because they were really taking off when covid hit and each truck must cost a bundle.

When I want a touch of local dance type music, I load up a selection of songs put together originally by my daughter Peng, and added to over time by me. No deep meaningful music here, just tunes that get the crowd on their feet.

For many, Thai/Isaan party music is a pain, so move along. For others like me that love some of it have a scroll through this selection and pick out the ones you'd like to add to your collection.


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