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The Simple Ideas

First published 16 March 2022

This is a post that is going to end up on my Farming in Isaan FB group, but I wanted to publish it here first as an example of the wonderful Isaan ingenuity you see if you keep an eye out.

Because of my western, urban background, when I need something for garden or DIY, I immediately think of which shop can sell me what I want. With limited incomes, Isaan people look around and adapt something they have to hand that may do the same job, but for free or close to. It may not look great, but in many instances it will achieve the same result we will most likely pay lots for. This is one such example.

We called into see friends yesterday at a time their buffalo were returning to be locked up for the night after a refreshing and cooling dip in the farm pond.


See the system to hold the crosspieces to close off that shed access. Two old tyres trimmed and attached to the post in a wave pattern. Nails holding the tyre to the post and forming the 'wave' into which the crosspieces slide.

Simplicity and practicality - all for free.

Tied off to keep it all in place.

Thanks for reading.



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