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Vansutha Farm Update 3 Days

First published 26 February 2022

With my computer upgrade all done, I am back on-air. A longer post today to cover all the photos and stories that have still been happening. One for the enthusiasts.

On Wednesday, a gold member of the group Neville Hutchinson visited us and came out to the farm to meet Yuan and Lud. He brought a nice bottle of whiskey for Lud, who has his own farming fan base.

A happy man.

The buffalo has been at work turning over the soil in this field that isn't still planted with garlic, which is being harvested and sold cha cha (slowly). Can you spot Dee Doh, who has a love of farm machinery and sunshine.

A new row prepared to be seeded with coriander. Both lettuce rows have now been thinned.

With sunshine happening after a period of overcast and wet conditions, things are out being dried. Garlic here, to be stored for the next planting.

Bananas and pork being dried here. Memorise the pork because it is mentioned later.

Garlic, but for personal use I think.

Onions that have previously been dried, that I showed you happening in an older post.

And speaking of drying, here's Dee Doh warming himself in the sun. "Very" cool mornings here the last few days.

And sunshine means the solar pump can get back into operation if needed. The recent rains have resulted in a full pond, very unusual this far into the normally totally dry season. This is the beautiful view of the solar through Gaun's gardens.

With no waste vegetable leaves being thrown into the pond, due to the quiet period at the farm, the fish are hungry again, so are willing to have a go at sticky rice bait.


Success. Not for Dee Doh.

Friday, Yuan was collecting chillies for her market stall. You can just spot her head - a combination of short Isaan woman and tall chilli plants.

They are starting to turn colour in this sunshine.

Gaun helping out hahaha (555)

I love Lud in the background, displaying two chillies.

What would they do without my contribution?

The colours of Isaan.

Lovely. I can report that they all sold. 100 baht a kilo.

Meanwhile, Bear and Tham were collecting coriander to fill an order.


Gaun didn't know the English name and I had no idea, so she bought this packet when we were out today to show me.

A farm shot because I could.

Mama sleeping under the covers because of the morning cool.

I think this is Turkey Berry, to be sold at Yuan's street market stall.



Tomatoes obviously.

A beautiful cloud formation 'early' morning today.

Yuan and Lud's son Game had placed an order from Bangkok for fresh Isaan food, to be couriered down today. A contribution to farm finances is required otherwise it won't happen. Yuan picking lemongrass here.

Lemongrass, onions, garlic, dried pork (the pork I showed you drying earlier) and galangal.

We went with them to Si Bun Rueang to drop everything off at Kerry, the courier company. We stopped off at this small market set up next to a temple. This is the lovely casual nature of buying food in Thailand, which is one of the factors we all love.

Game had ordered sausages.

The sight of food is too much temptation for any Isaan person, so Lud ordered freshly cooked corn. 10 baht each, although he negotiated them at 9 baht

Where's the butter?

Going out with Yuan and Lud is a talkative experience because they know everyone. Gaun doesn't because she spent most of her life in Udon Thani. A passing motorbike pulled over. It was the guy who drilled the farm's bore/well. A good effort to recognise people in masks.

A family group. The youngster keeping an eye on the weirdly coloured guy. Great to be back. I hope you enjoyed this update.

Thanks for reading.



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