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Vansutha farm Update Friday:

First published 4 March 2022


Introduction to the farm:

Vansutha Farm is located about 1 km from our home in northeast of Thailand and is owned by my wife Gaun and her younger sister Yuan and husband Lud. The daily farming operations are done by Yuan and Lud, while Gaun creates and maintains her gardens which surround the farmhouse. The farm grows sugarcane, and rice as a once a year operation and Yuan and Lud have a very successful market garden business, growing for long-term customers locally. We visit the farm for a coffee most mornings, and these visits form the basis of my regular updates, of which this is one.


This was one of those mornings when I thought I could leave the camera at home, but I ended up with a few topics and enjoyable photos to share.

The chilli bushes are in full swing and more were ready to pick this morning. Good timing for Yuan's Friday street market stall this afternoon.

Still 100 baht a kilo.

Gaun helping out.

Yuan and Lud. As much work as possible being done early morning because we are heading into the high 30s today.

Mr Chilli.

Lud isn't photo-shy. This photo was his idea.

Six kilos.

These came from Bear's farm next door. Yuan was pleased that Bear's chillies weren't as good as hers, because Bear has the better long beans Yuan helps Bear sell produce as much as possible, because Yuan has more customers and Bear doesn't go to the street markets.

The shade cloth on the field I have been following, is now complete. It will seeded very early tomorrow morning, so I will show you then plus let you know what's gone into the ground.

These old supports are rotten, so have been stacked next to the kitchen as firewood.

Ant eggs were back on the agenda as well. Yuan and Lud had gone hunting in local woods yesterday. 500 - 800 baht a kilo. This is one kilo here.

Yuan demonstrating how she sells them at the markets. Five spoonfuls per plate. I love it that they don't just tell me but go the extra and are always so willing to show me so that I can record every aspect of farm life.

This will sell for 100 baht a plate.

The usual limited selection for Yuan's stall. Garlic and chillies.

The eggplant bushes are still producing, which they have for several months now.

Lettuce from Bear's farm. Yuan hasn't got any ready to harvest. 300 baht for all of this! You won't get rich being a farmer.

Yesterday Yuan and Lud weeded most of the long bean rows, only inside the seedling holes.

And tied all the climbers using homemade bamboo ties. How laborious is that?

Then back on the hunt for more ant eggs from farm nests in mangos.

Dee Doh checking it out.........

........before deciding a sleep was needed.

These are the most optimistic ants (weaver ants). Busy here recreating a nest that has already been harvested.

And a larger one.

More eggs to add to Yuan's stall today.

Thank you for reading.



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