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Vansutha Farm Update Friday:

First published 11 March 2022

We had a commitment to visit a village funeral ceremony this morning, so Yuan and Lud have been up and working since 3:00 to get produce ready for Yuan's street market stall. I joined the world a little later than that. Only a few update photos as a result.

Ready to head off to the funeral. Me and Yuan.

Yuan and Gaun.

Beer for breakfast.

A quick visit to the farm afterwards. Dill and lettuce from Bear's farm next door.

The colourful mix of produce for the market stall.

Fourteen kilos of chillies today.



This is Cha-om (Thai name) or in Isaan (Lao) Pak Kar (phonetic from Gaun). Described as:

Cha-om, a tropical member of the acacia family (Acacia pennata) native to mainland Southeast Asia, is a well-loved herby vegetable among Thais, Cambodians and Laotians. The parts that are eaten are the ferny young leaf shoots and tender tips before the stems turn tough and thorny. It has a particular fragrance that may seem unpleasant at first to the unaccustomed, but when it’s cooked up, it’s so tasty that most people can’t stop eating it and the aroma is just part of the package and soon becomes quite likable. This happened a lot whenever cha-om was cooked up in my cooking classes.

It does have a strong and not pleasant smell.

Yuan carefully wrapping this small amount that had been cut this morning. 10 baht each.

A potential total 40 baht contribution to her day's income.

Lud is moving rice straw onto the paths between the long beans in an effort to keep the weeds down.

And here is Dee Doh, enjoying the fan. They leave it on when they leave, and then mama turns it off later. "Why dog need fan" 555

Thanks for reading.



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