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Vansutha farm Update Friday:

First published 1 April 2022

Having probably caught covid at one of the street market days, Yuan is unsurprisingly focussing on meeting orders rather than face to face sales ATM. More of the same as far as crops being prepared, but some photos with stories that I know the regulars will enjoy.

No slacking off any Lud at work picking long beans.

Coriander prepared for an order.

And long beans.

Yuan on the job as well.

Bear on the right, heading back to her farm after a chat visit.

Plenty more long beans to come.

The coriander is being picked pretty quickly. Once this is finished,. Yuan will refer customers to Bear, who has plenty to sell. There's a joint cooperation treaty between the two farms.

I mentioned yesterday in reply to a comment, that if long beans are being sold in bulk, without being bundled, then the weight is exactly in kilos, as you see happening here. If Yuan is selling by the bundle, the weight is approximately one kilo because the packs are sold based on the number of long beans, and not exact to the weight.

Gaun has just told Lud that a friend of the farm passing through the area wants to drop off a bottle of whisky for him (now arranged for tomorrow). Thank youKeith Mcardle

And Lud's smile is always worth a second photo.

Long beans loaded up ready for Lud to deliver.

Yuan writing out the orders and money owed, which she then passes to Lud. The farm wouldn't be as it is without Yuan's management.

The farm makes sticky rice early every morning, which is then used for meals during the day. Here Gaun is getting her share, which she brings home.

The spring onions are sprouting well. More to go in shortly, maybe today.

The view through the farmhouse when the pickup is out on deliveries. Not bad.

Gaun chatting to Yuan, who with Lud away is straight into working, weeding and thinning lettuce here.

One of the most photogenic Isaan farmers I have seen.

And the Yuan smile is also worth a second shot.

Thanks for reading.



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