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Vansutha Farm Update Monday:

I can't pass on any major insights to Isaan farming life at the moment, but can share the images I see when we visit Yuan and Lud like from this morning. They may not be very exciting, but they do help keep you in touch with the farm and family characters.

The trellis for the long beans is taking shape

I always find that they form an almost artistic feature to the farm.

A huge amount of work involved. Most of the wood, is cut fresh each year from the countryside, the bamboo 'string' is made by hand, and then each support is individually tied on. I have seen other farms that use netting, but Yuan seems to want this arrangement.

This whole area will be trellised over time.

Older sister Yurt's field since it was harvested. This is about 5 rai (1 rai = 1,600 sq mtrs) and yielded 62 ton of sugar.

You can see the new sugar shoots arriving already, even though we've had no rain and won't have for months yet. The easy nature of growing sugar, with three crops from the one planting, is why it has become so popular.

Bear's long beans next door. She has less money, so hasn't added plastic to reduce the weeds.

And Bear and Tham's latest vegetable beds, all neatly arranged.

This is the spot I would place a small villa for visitors, which will be at the end of a new road to be built by Yuan and Gaun once sugar money arrives. Timeshare anyone?

Actual sun rays - not edited in. A lovely morning scene across the farm.

Yuan working at preparing garlic to meet an order. We have covid locally with the day markets closed and being cleaned after 13 cases were reported. The farm across the road from Vansutha has one case, and there are a few in our village. Mostly from one lady who liked to get together with others and play cards. Yuan isn't delivering to the markets, and won't be opening her usual Monday street stall this week.

Dee Doh the farm dog, about to be set free. Lud has just come back from a motorbike trip, and the morning air is still quite cool, so he's wrapped up.

Lud joins Yuan.

Older sister Yurt beings all sorts of goodies she picks up living in Udon Thani when she visits, and this hat was one such item. Yuan was laughing about Lud's new headgear, because Yurt always buys what Gaun calls 'ancient' styled things for the family.

Onions also being prepared for an order.

Thank you for reading.



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