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Vansutha Farm Update Monday

First published 28 February 2022


Vansutha Farm is located about 1 km from our home in northeast of Thailand and is owned by my wife Gaun and her younger sister Yuan and husband Lud. The daily farming operations are done by Yuan and Lud, while Gaun creates and maintains her gardens which surround the farmhouse. The farm grows sugarcane, and rice as a once a year operation and Yuan and Lud have a very successful market garden business, growing for long-term customers locally. We visit the farm for a coffee most mornings, and these visits form the basis of my regular updates, of which this is one.


Other than repeat previous photos, there wasn't much new happening at the farm this morning. I did take a few photos, so will share them anyway.

As we were down the driveway, Lud was loaded up for a delivery of garlic to a customer in the village.

The plants on the left are called copperleaf, and I think you can tell why. A bit warmer this morning, and sunny. It looks as if the week is heating up, with morning temperatures predicted over 20 degrees for the first time in a long time.

Gaun was working out of sight on the right, and as always Dee Doh makes it his business to keep an eye on family members.

Lud returning from his delivery.

Lud and Yuan picking chillies for Yuan's market stall this afternoon. 4 kilos harvested today. 400 baht.

I have showed this guy delivering ice before. From van to coolbox. 40 baht.

Yuan gave me a sweet drink, so Gaun took me off to show the tree from which the fruit originated on the farm.

I had a go on Google to identify it, but I wasn't convinced I had nailed the name.

Gaun cut one open so I could see what it looked like inside. Very much like a passion fruit isn't it.

Mystery solved, because when we were in Makro supermarket later this morning, Gaun took me into the herb and spice section and showed me what the dried version looked like, so I have a name - Bael Fruit. Gaun tells me the Chinese love it. She also said that it was "medicinal", which is her name for anything with health benefits, and from the internet so it is:

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