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Vansutha Farm Update Monday:

First published 14 March 2022

As I mentioned yesterday, the farm is preparing for Yuan's Monday street market stall. Everything that can be sold is included.

I can't show you new and exciting varieties of produce being offered. This is all tried and true guaranteeing that Yuan will clear her stall and make money. Cassia leaves here, boiled with salt.

Nine kilos of chillies. The price is holding up at 100 baht a kilo.

The first of Yuan's lettuce. Word is out that Yuan is harvesting, and she has big orders for tomorrow.

Eggplant and the range of produce for the stall.

Contributions from Bear. Cucumber (not zucchini as mistakenly reported in a previous post and corrected, coriander, dill and zucchini (hidden).

A few more flowers appearing on the long bean vines. Yuan says that she'll be harvesting by 5th April, in time for Songkran.

Gaun checking out Bear's farm. Bear has cleared most of the vegetables that were growing in this field.

Bear tying up long bean shoots.

With more crops on the way. Dill, coriander and lettuce.

Gaun picking her own lettuce from Vansutha Farm for breakfast and beyond. A fashion statement as always.

You can see that Yuan and Lud have already made inroads into their lettuce. This will all be sold in the next few days. New, slow growing coriander on the left and tomatoes.

Lud had placed a net next to the washing platform to stop the fish eating the lettuce when it was being cleaned. He forgot to take it down, which Gaun quickly got him to do. We have several koi in this pond and Gaun didn't want them caught in the net. The bonus for Lud's forgetfulness, was that he caught a small fish, which he took off to cook for mama's breakfast.

The final farm sugar has been harvested, leaving this barren dry landscape. The contractor rents the land from Yuan, so no money directly to the farm coffers.

Dee Doh chasing coolness, as the mornings warm up.

Yuan picking basil. The three types will be sold. Thai, Isaan (lemon) and khapow (holy).

Farm and garden. What a wonderful place this is.

And Gaun's gardens provide a place of shade and green lushness in days that are hitting the high 30s.

Thanks for reading.



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