Vansutha Farm Update Sunday

Updated: Jun 6

Sunday morning looks the same as any other day at the farm. Lud is out delivering orders, Yuan is working and Dee Doh supervising Yuan in Lud's absence.

The list of characters:

Yuan = my sister-in-law who runs the farm with her husband Lud

Gaun = my wife

Dee Doh = the farm dog, who has a fan club of his own.

This photo taken yesterday as the last of the four lettuce beds is almost harvested out. One and a half rows a day, seems to be the limit of Yuan and Lud's packing energy.

Again from yesterday, Lud has been making the rough rows for further refinement later.

My regular update on Russell and the new rice seed-bed.

The lettuce washing station has been set up in the pond, because they have more soil on them which would fill up the concrete rings they use for 'cleaner' vegetables. Because the washing platform is underwater, a 'workbench' has been added and the stool for comfort 555.

I showed you the four new rows of lettuce in a previous post. Yuan and Lud were up at 3:00 this morning (well Yuan was, evidently Lud slept in) and a lot of the first row has been picked. Large orders for tomorrow will see two rows harvested.

Meanwhile, Yuan was preparing those rows with the assistance of Dee Doh.

The tiller has been in action and will be again to finish off the top, once Yuan has got the row ready. Celery and coriander going into these four rows.

The cow slip creeper continues to grow well in this perfect weather. Regular rain and not too hot.

This is TONY before.......

...........and TONY after Gaun's attention this morning.

The master gardener herself heading home with electric hedge trimmer under arm. My sort of woman 555.

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