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Vansutha farm Update Thursday:

First published 17 March 2022

Lettuce and onions basically.

The truck loaded up with lettuce and chillies for orders received.

With Lud washing one more basket of lettuce. Waste leaves on the other side to distract the fish.

The tiller has been in action ploughing these rows, clearing the lettuce seedlings Yuan wasn't happy with ready for planting the spring onions we bought yesterday (see post).

Four rows to be planted.

Some already prepared and planted early this morning. Note that Yuan places the bulbs almost on the surface, not under the soil.

With Yuan getting more ready to go.

Meanwhile, Gaun is working on trimming the bougainvillea and hedges that line the driveway entrance to the farm.

Super neat. Cuttings swept and ready to take away.

Thank you Gaun.

Next door the sugar has been burnt grrrrr. It is getting very late in the season and the sugar mills will stop buying this month, so burnt sugar is quicker to harvest.

Yuan and Lud had headed off to deliver orders as we left, leaving mama to work on preparing more onions to plants. Slow and steady.

Thanks for reading.



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